Letters of Authorization (LOA)

A Letter of Authorization (LOA) is a formal approval to engage in a specific flight activity issued by the FAA to Part 91 operators and Part 135 OpSpecs (Operations Specifications).

While the aircraft manufacturer should be able to supply documentation related to aircraft capabilities, we can help you prepare a complete application package to submit to the FAA as well as develop an Operations Manual (Flight or International) which can help to formalize your equally important overall operational procedures and processes.

LOA Support Services

Partner with us to make obtaining your LOAs straightforward.
Our LOA Support Services follow an easy, step-by-step process:

We prepare required operations procedures, as a standalone manual or an appendix to your existing manual.
We provide final copies of the complete applications to you, so all you need to do is deliver them to the FAA. We stand by you throughout the entire application process and provide ongoing support at no additional cost.
We prepare the associated FAA documentation, including a cover letter and Inspector’s Job Aid.
We organize the documentation into a streamlined Application Package, with all supporting document clearly labelled.


For most LOAs you will need to provide your Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) or International Field Office (IFO) with:

Application materials, such as job aids, checklists, compliance guides, etc.

Documentation that the aircraft is capable of the operation (e.g., Service Bulletin, maintenance records, MMEL, etc.)

Documentation that your flight crew is trained and qualified for the operation

Company procedures (an operating manual)


How can we help you?

Contact us for support with any of the following Letters of Authorization / OpSpecs from the FAA:

  • RVSM
    While many aircraft will fall under the FAA’s blanket authorization (AC 91-85B), you are still required to hold an LOA when operating in RVSM airspace internationally. We can also help you apply for RVSM authorization if you do not qualify for the FAA’s blanket authorization.
  • RNP-1
    While not required in the United States, some countries (such as Australia) require operators to be authorized to conduct RNP-1 terminal operations when operating in their airspace.
  • RNP-10/4/2NAT HLA
  • B-RNAV (RNAV-5) / P-RNAV (RNAV-1)
  • Minimum Equipment List (MEL)
    Many EASA-countries require operators to maintain a MEL rather than using the Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) as an MEL. If you plan to operate into an EASA or SAFA-participating country, it is highly recommended that you get an MEL to satisfy the SAFA Inspection requirements.
  • EFVS
    This is required for use of EFVS to touchdown. For use of EFVS to 100 feet above touchdown, the LOA may still be required in some countries, especially those within the EU.
  • Use of the MDA as a DA
    Some countries require operators to be authorized to use the Minimum Descent Altitude (MDA) as a Decision Altitude / Decision Height (DA / DH). This LOA is highly recommended if you plan to use the MDA as a DA (a common practice when conducting RNAV (GPS) approaches with VNAV).
    Note this does not include RNP AR APCH. We can provide you with a list of FAA-Qualified vendors for RNP AR APCH services, if interested.
  • Data Link Communications (ADS-C / CPDLC)
    Aircraft must already be DLC equipped and authorized at some Flight Levels in the North Atlantic, and a similar requirement is coming soon to Europe. If your aircraft was recently upgraded with DLC capabilities (including ADS-C or CPDLC), don’t wait to apply for your authorization from the FAA.



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*Important! AviationManuals will not act as a representative on your behalf for the LOA applications. This means we are unable to submit to the FAA directly on your behalf, although we will provide ongoing support and consultation. Please follow the detailed instructions regarding the supporting documentation when you are submitting to the FAA. If you do not include all the required documents, your application may be delayed or possibly returned.



FAA LOA Support Services for Flight Operators

We provide FAA LOA support services for Letters of Authorization / OpSpecs from the FAA.Click here to learn more about our services.

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