Did you miss BACE? Here is what we found interesting

During NBAA-BACE last month, the AviationManuals team had the opportunity to meet clients and industry colleagues, attend educational sessions, and present to attendees with the FAA and Honeywell. Here are some takeaways from the event that our team thought was important. 

LOA Streamline Process  

There was a lot of interest at the event about the new FAA LOA Streamline Process that launched earlier this year. The simplified application process for Part 91 operators with new aircraft uses FAA-issued statements of compliance (SOC), which indicate the FAA has previously reviewed and approved the applicable documentation from the holding vendor. As a result, inspectors can approve LOA applications without a full review of all documentation, thereby shortening approval time from months to weeks.  

Workforce Challenges 

Workforce challenges were another main discussion point during BACE this year. From ground personnel to pilots, the whole industry is facing a shortage and is trying to navigate the best way to recover. As flight departments experience personnel changes, utilizing procedures manuals to ensure smooth transitions and SMS to monitor risks associated with change is more important than ever. 

Our CEO, Mark Baier, talked about the subject with Fast Company in the summer. Learn more here: Why is there an airline pilot shortage?

In addition, mental health was a newer topic that we were glad to see being discussed. We hope that sessions covering mental health and strategies to support employees’ overall wellness continue.  

SMS Challenges  

A subject in the show’s past editions, the SMS challenge continued to be a hot topic this year. With the expectation that the FAA will soon make it mandatory for Part 135 and SMS being on the NTSB’s Most Wanted List, operators had many questions about it. After working with hundreds of operators, we’ve created a practical SMS Guide to help you implement or improve SMS within your own department.


Another relevant talking point was sustainability. During the Newsmakers breakfast, Boeing Chief Strategy Officer Marc Allen answered questions about how to move forward in a more sustainable way and discussed the idea of “zero-impact over zero-emissions.” There were also sessions about Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), climate risk, and the importance of environmental sustainability for the business aviation industry 

What we were up to 

Our team had packed schedules for the event showing the industry the upcoming features and integrations for ARCrisk and working with the FAA and Honeywell to speak about the latest updates operators need to know for international travel and how to navigate ramp inspections. 

Did we miss you at the show? We would love to meet, answer any questions you have, and understand how we can assist you further.  

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