Privacy Policy

Last Updated October 2023

Privacy Policy

Last Updated October 2023

Privacy Statement

AviationManuals, LLC is sensitive to the privacy needs of our customers and we believe it is important for you to understand how we treat information that you may provide us.
AviationManuals understands that you may privately share information with AviationManuals that is not for public release and may be sensitive to your flight operations. AviationManuals will respect the private and sensitive nature of this information and only share it with your consent, unless legally required to provide the information.

You can refuse the installation of cookies via your browser settings. You can also remove cookies already installed on your computer or mobile device at any time. You can find more information on this function in your browser’s help menu. Preventing cookies may however restrict the use of some or parts of our website functions and web pages, or may block them from being used at all.

Information Collection

A. How does AviationManuals collect your information?

  • Communications (contact forms, emails, phone calls, etc.)
  • Online forms (information gathering, safety forms, custom forms)
  • Passive collection (web browser, Universal Pixel)


B. What kinds of general information does AviationManuals collect?

  • Contact information, including name and address.
  • Company profile, including aircraft, base(s) of operation, size of operation, organizational structure, regions of operation, etc.
  • Web browser profile, including IP address, geographic location, usage habits, web browser and operating system information, referring website, etc.
  • We collect non-personally identifiable information through the use of Universal Pixels.  These are transparent graphic images on a web page that, in combination with a cookie, allow for the collection of information regarding when an advertisement has been clicked on or otherwise interacted with, and the use of our website.  In some cases, we use third-party service providers to help us collect and analyze this non-personally identifiable information.
  • AviationManuals will also collect information related to products and services provided by AviationManuals as well as via forms integrated into our web applications. Information collected by these sources may be considered sensitive and proprietary.
  • AviationManuals uses Hotjar to help understand and interpret user behavior anonymously, without personally identifying individual users. This will help us ensure our website offers content that is most valuable to our users. Hotjar supports privacy, GDPR and anonymity in user behavior analysis, so that trust between website/app owners, prospects, and customers can be assured and maintained. No personal data is tracked, collected or stored.
Information Collection A. How does AviationManuals collect your information? Communications…

Information Storage

AviationManuals utilizes web browser cookies to store identifying and tracking information on your computer. These cookies are used to ensure sensitive information is only provided to authorized individuals when accessing our web applications.

Information Storage AviationManuals utilizes web browser cookies to store identifying…

Information Distribution

A. AviationManuals understands the sensitive, proprietary, and confidential nature of the information that you provide us. As a result:

  • AviationManuals will never disclose your proprietary, confidential, or sensitive information without your prior consent, unless legally required. This statement does not preclude the sharing of your information as part of providing your company with requested services or sharing of your information with contractually obliged business partners, as detailed below under Information Distribution, Part B.
  • AviationManuals respects the confidential and sensitive nature of information you have entered through online Safety Forms and will never share such sensitive and identifiable information from these forms. Forms that are specifically purposed as sharable, where notification is provided, are excluded from this policy statement.
  • AviationManuals respects the copyright of any information or documents you provide us.
  • AviationManuals respects your ownership of any documents, files, news, and other content uploaded to AviationManuals online applications and will treat these documents, files, news, and other content as sensitive and proprietary.
  • AviationManuals will never share your information for the purposes of solicitation or contact list distribution, except for the sole business use of AviationManuals.

B. Under what circumstances might AviationManuals share your information?

  • For the sole purpose of supporting your flight operation, AviationManuals may provide your information to professional contacts, such as pilots and aviation industry experts.
  • In support of your operation’s regulatory approval process, AviationManuals may provide relevant information to regulatory agencies.
  • In support of the Safety of Flight, AviationManuals may:
    • Informally share your experiences with professional organizations, regulatory agencies, other operators, and industry experts in such a way that you and your company are not identified, unless authorized.
    • Provide de-identified information or aggregate statistical data to professional organizations, other operators, and industry experts. This information may be compiled via automated tools.
  • AviationManuals may share your information during your training courses with other pilots and/or guests. Information that is sensitive will not be shared without your consent.
  • As part of your Safety Management Center, Safety Data Center, and Resource Center, information, including forms and contact information, submitted via these applications will be accessible to other members of your operation.
  • As part of public services, such as bulletin boards and wikis, information submitted may be accessible to the general public and/or other members of the service, without restriction.
  • AviationManuals may share your information with legal counsel and contractually obliged business partners without your prior consent.
Information Distribution A. AviationManuals understands the sensitive, proprietary, and confidential…


AviationManuals provides three types of communications: (1) subscription services, (2) subscribed online web applications, and (3) unsolicited communications.

A. Subscription services:

  • Subscription services include the IOM Revision Service (eBulletins).
  • Subscription services may transmit automatic emails containing eBulletins, regulatory information and changes, and other communications relevant to the operations of your flight operations.
  • Subscription services will never transmit solicitation emails, however subscription service email lists may be used for solicitation.
  • Unsubscribe: Subscription based services offer important information regarding your compliance to state regulations regarding flight operations. Unsubscribing from these services may negatively affect your regulatory compliance. To unsubscribe, please send and email to, call us at +1.240.546.4030, or mail us your request to be removed from the subscription service.

B. Subscribed online web applications:

  • Online web applications include the Safety Management Center, Safety Data Center, and Resource Center applications.
  • Online web applications may transmit automatic emails containing notifications of events within the online application triggered by event timers and/or other user actions.
  • Online web applications will never transmit solicitation emails and will not be used as a basis for solicitation email lists.
  • Reduced email volume: Please contact AviationManuals at to request a reduced email volume. Certain user-triggered email notifications can be disabled on a per-account basis without affecting your ability to use the online web application.
  • Unsubscribe: Subscription to online web applications is managed by your company. Please have your Chief Pilot or Director/Manager of Operations contact us to remove you from the online application. If you are signed up as an individual account, please contact us directly.
  • Removal: Accounts with online web applications will only be disabled, not deleted, in order to ensure data integrity. Your information, including contact information, will continue to be accessible to employees of the Operator with which your account was associated. Emails will not be sent to disabled accounts.
  • Note: Online web applications are normally subscribed by an operator and individual user accounts are managed by the Operator’s administration. As a result, a request by the Operator’s administration to reactivate your deactivated account may be conducted without your notification or approval.

C. Unsolicited communications:

  • AviationManuals respects your desire to not be overwhelmed by email advertising. As a result, AviationManuals does not send regular unsolicited communications, but may, on occasion, inform you of new or updated product offerings and/or upcoming regulatory requirements that AviationManuals can assist your company with.
  • Opt-out: Please send an email to, call us at +1.240.546.4030, or mail us your request to opt-out of receiving solicitations.
Communications AviationManuals provides three types of communications: (1) subscription services,…

Data Security

This site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control.

This site may make use of the following technologies to guard your sensitive information:

  • Encrypted communications via our SSL server utilizing the highest allowed level of encryption with assured authentication
  • User authentication to ensure information is only access by authorized individuals
  • Data encryption and secure password storage
  • Brute force password cracking countermeasures
  • Secure access keys
  • Other methods, not disclosed

AviationManuals takes guarding your information seriously and regularly updates security measures with the latest industry standards.

Data Security This site has security measures in place to…

Corrections / Updates

To correct / update your personal contact information, please contact us or send us an email at


Any changes in this privacy policy will be retroactive, with the exception of changes regarding increased sharing of contact information for the purpose of advertising or solicitation.


If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this website, you can contact:

AviationManuals, LLC
700 King Farm Boulevard, Suite 610
Rockville, MD 20850 USA
Tel: +1.240.546.4030