AviationManuals has been listed as a preferred vendor by the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA)

Safety is paramount in aviation. That’s why there are procedures included in manuals that allow or deny the operations of an aircraft. Two important manuals are crucial in maintaining safe aircraft operation: MELs and OTARs.

We’re pleased to announce that AviationManuals has been listed as a preferred vendor by the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) to produce OTAR-compliant MELs. This achievement is the result of closely working with the BCAA to make sure operators remain safe while also expediting the approval OTAR-compliant MELs.

A Minimum Equipment List (MEL) is the maintenance, engineering, and logistics documents companies use to keep their aircraft compliant with regulations. MELs contain instructions for all sorts of aircraft operations, including when an airplane can or cannot fly due to maintenance issues or safety concerns.

An Overseas Territories Aviation Requirements (OTAR) describes how aircraft operators, aviation personnel, and service providers gain approvals, licenses, and certificates as well as the requirements needed to maintain them.

An OTAR-compliant MEL has been written according to the safety standards of both the MEL and the OTAR components.

“We have been busy working with the BCAA to develop specific processes and products that provide operators with the accurate manuals and documents to aide in getting approvals as fast as possible,” said Mark Baier, CEO of AviationManuals. “Our ability to produce OTAR compliant MELs will help to ensure operators in the area are following the correct procedures, which is one of the main goals for all of our clients and subscribers.”

As a preferred vendor, AviationManuals underwent an assessment by the BCAA, including the evaluation of a sample manual. Moving forward, operators utilizing AviationManuals to produce OTAR-compliant MELs will benefit from a reduced processing time. Operators using AviationManuals can see processing times reduced by as much as a third.

The BCAA expects this change to result in significant cost savings for operators utilizing their system.

“Being listed as one of the preferred vendors of the BCAA is another testament to how dedicated our team is to aviation safety,” said Mr. Baier.