Operator friendly and easy to use

When you arrive in an EASA member state, ramp inspectors may check a list of over 50 items. We put together all the information needed in an easy to navigate digital “binder” so you can easily identify and demonstrate compliance and avoid getting delayed, grounded or worst of all, fined. It’s a great oversight tool.

Our SAFA Binder includes the latest compliance protocols, is customized to your specific operation, and optimized for electronic use.


We address each item with evidence in the form of pictures and excerpts from manuals to easily identify compliance items.


The SAFA Binder is segmented by each inspected category to make it easy for you and the inspector to find what you need.


The SAFA Binder includes an introduction on the applicability of SAFA beyond EU countries, and outlines what an inspection might look like.

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