Minimum Equipment List

Tailored to your aircraft, company, and type of operation. Simply fill-out a questionnaire, we’ll get right to work, and then help you stay up to date.

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Tailored to your aircraft, company, and type of operation. Simply…

What is an MEL?

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What is an MEL?


We’ve created so many MELs we’ve lost count. The most important thing to know is that our MELs have been submitted to and approved by numerous authorities around the world.



Your MEL can be tailored to fully match your aircraft’s specifications. All we need from you is access to some common sources of information like your aircraft maintenance tracking sheet, the aircraft equipment list, your Supplemental Type Certificates (STGs), and your Service Bulletins (SBs).



We’ll keep tabs on regulatory changes so you don’t have to. The second we have an update, you’ll know it too.

How it works

We develop manuals in a convenient way:

  1. Complete a simple questionnaire.
  2. We issue a copy of the full manual for your review
    (“Review Draft”).
  3. With your feedback, we issue a Final Copy.


That’s it!

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