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Your route to trouble free flights.
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Your route to trouble free flights. Our application package includes…

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Not sure which LOA?

What do you need to submit
to apply for an LOA?

At a minimum, an LOA application will usually include:

  • FAA-provided job aids, checklists, or compliance guides.
  • Proof that your aircraft is capable of the operation you are applying for (e.g. AFM, Service Bulletin, STC…).
  • Flight crew training and qualification documentation. Operations procedures.
  • Additional supporting materials as required by the specific LOA (e.g., MEL, maintenance records, etc.).

Why fly solo? We can help you with the following LOAs:

  • RVSM
  • PBN
  • RNP-1 / RNAV-1
  • RNP-10/4/2 – A-RNP
  • B-RNAV (RNAV-5) / P-RNAV (RNAV-1)
  • Minimum Equipment List (MEL)
  • EFVS
  • Use of the MDA as a DA
  • Data Link Communications (ADS-C / CPDLC)
  • Performance Based
  • Communication and Surveillance (PBCS)

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