ARC Safety Management System Software

ARC Aviation Safety Management Software

Our ARC aviation safety management software will take the hassle out of maintaining your safety management system.

ARC is an iPad-friendly, flexible online solution for submitting, storing, and analyzing SMS data. The software serves as a central location to store files, complete a Risk Assessment, post company news, and manage your Read & Initial log.

ARC is proven by over 1000 users worldwide including Fortune 500 flight departments, management companies with over 200 pilots, and small single aircraft private operators.

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The most affordable, easy to use, and configurable aviation safety management software available.


We offer the lowest-priced comprehensive SMS software available.

Easy to Use

Your ARC software can be up and running within a few business days. We provide free training and offer ongoing support through our full-time, dedicated IT team.


Our highly configurable ARC software is adapted to your specific processes and SMS forms. New digital forms specific to your operation can be easily created.

ARC is more than Flight Risk Assessment

A Safety Management System is much more than just a Flight Risk Assessment Tool. ARC software includes all the essential elements of a true, comprehensive SMS.

Core Modules

  • Risk Assessment Tool

    Automatically calculate the total risk value of a flight and get an immediate “Go / No Go” response. Data collected with this tool is archived for future searches. An email  can be sent to key personnel if specified limits are exceeded. You are also able to edit the individual risk factors and values so that it further meets your needs and challenges. Completely anonymous data is collected so you can compare your department with other ARC users.

  • SMS Forms

    There’s no more paperwork to keep track of, and no need to manually assign tracking numbers or other document control features – ARC takes care of it all.

  • Documentation and File Hosting with Read & Initial

    Host all of your files, whether they are manuals, presentations, videos, or any other type, in a central location.

Other Core Modules

  • Manual Builder Application

    Create or edit manuals online with the Manual Builder Application tool. Then we will reformat the content into an easy-to-read, iPad-compatible PDF.

  • Communication Center

    A convenient online forum for topical discussions within your department.

  • Survey Tool

    Track your current SMS philosophy and its impact on your operation over time, or create new surveys to track other important information.

  • Home Dashboard

    See important information at a glance including: Safety Performance Goal and Timeline, Task Lists, News with Custom Categories, and Favorites.

Optional Modules

  • Internal Audit Program (IAP)

    Simplify the process of ensuring your operation matches your documentation with our IAP.

  • Quiz Program

    Are you preparing an in-house training program? Our customized Quiz Program is a great way to ensure your personnel are familiar with your manuals.

  • Event / Training Tracker

    Record recurrent training dates and other items that need to be updated or renewed. Reminders can be set and the ARC will notify individual personnel/admins about upcoming items.


We automate as much as possible, relieving you of much of your administrative burden. This includes the ability to:

  • Post news items without having to format them.
  • Alert and track all personnel, or specific groups within the department, about a new regulation affecting operations
  • Have an email automatically sent to the Safety Officer when a new form is submitted.


All submitted data is automatically archived, giving you the ability to search the data using a wide range of different criteria.


With unique logins, several security protocols, and backup systems in place, your data is secure and accessible from anywhere in the world.


Core future functionality enhancements are based on customer feedback and are included at no additional charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide support?

We will take any necessary steps to setup the software initially, train personnel in its use, and provide continuing support as needed to keep your software running smoothly. While the software is intuitive and you will be able to perform many functions on your own, we are happy to help at +1.240.546.4030 or

How is the software upgraded?

We are regularly updating our software. Any feature upgrades for modules that you have already purchased are provided to you at no additional cost.

I want to see a specific feature integrated into the software. How can I request it?

We value feedback from our customers and take their input into account when creating new features.

The most affordable, easy to use, and configurable aviation safety management software available.

ARC® aviation safety management software is the most affordable, easy to use, and configurable SMS software available. Learn more and request quote.