Why You Should Review and Update Your ERP

An Emergency Response Plan (ERP) is a mandatory component of a Safety Management System (SMS), which is required by international standards.

Here’s how to be sure your ERP is kept up to date:

  • Keep contact information current
    • Out-of-date contact information will cost you precious minutes in the early stages of a response
    • Add new employees and remove former employees
    • Review phone numbers and email addresses for accuracy
    • Ensure corporate resource contact information is accurate (legal, benefits, media relations, etc.)
    • Ensure contact information for contracted resources is accurate (e.g., emergency response partners, CAA regulatory contact, insurance company)
  • Update the ERP with lessons learned from tabletop exercises (drills) and industry best practices
    • Ensure your ERP includes the latest and greatest content suitable for your operation
    • Revise procedures so they best fit the needs of your department
    • For IS-BAO-registered operators, it is mandatory to incorporate lessons learned from ERP tabletop exercises
  • Involve your entire department in the update process
    • Review the plan to ensure everyone is aware of the ERP, comfortable with assigned roles, and trained in what to do in the event of an emergency
    • Confirm role assignments are logical. Do not assign pilots to both the Primary and Backup positions for a specific role if they could both be on an aircraft involved in an emergency

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

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