Part-NCC is here – Are You Compliant?

The European Union’s Part-NCC (Non-Commercial Complex) is a regulation aimed at enhancing safety, training and record-keeping protocols within Europe for companies flying complex corporate aircraft privately. Yet, even though the regulation went into effect on August 25 2016, there remains considerable confusion within the industry.

Let’s try to shed some light on this complex issue.

First, let’s clarify who exactly is affected by Part-NCC. The answer to this comes down to who is the operator and where they are geographically located.

As to the first, although you would be forgiven for thinking that the operator is the owner, it’s not always that easy, since Part-NCC uses a much broader definition. According to the regulation, the operator is the person or entity that effectively manages and oversees the operation of the aircraft and who has the responsibility to commence, terminate or deviate the aircraft’s flight.

Once you determine who the operator is, the next step is to look at the geographic location of the operator. With Part-NCC, it’s not about where the aircraft is registered, but where the operator of the aircraft is established or, in the event of an individual owner, resides. So, if you are a UK-based operator with a Cayman Island registered aircraft, you should be Part-NCC compliant.

Isn’t IS-BAO Good Enough?

IS-BAO is a good starting point, but it only covers around 90% of what Part-NCC is looking for. So, while it’s certainly better than nothing, IS-BAO certification itself cannot be used to show full compliance with Part-NCC.

What About that Last 10%?

The challenge with becoming Part-NCC compliant is that it’s a complex regulation, and many small operators don’t know where to begin – let alone understand what’s required of them. This is a big reason why, nearly a year after coming into effect, compliance levels appear to remain low.

Though some aircraft management companies offer Part-NCC compliance plans, they aren’t usually the best fit for operators. Other solutions are simply software platforms that do not provide sufficient content, regulatory or editorial support. Most operators do not have the financial resources to afford the aircraft management company solutions or the personnel and editorial skills to simply subscribe to a software platform that does not provide any real guidance on regulatory content.

Many operators are thus seemingly taking a wait and see approach, potentially a risky bet.

A Part-NCC Service That Fits Your Operation

To help private aircraft operators comply with all new European regulations, including Part-NCC, AviationManuals has developed affordable, customized solutions. An operator needs to do little more than participate in online development sessions. We take care of providing, managing and editing all Part NCC requirements and more. Our packages include ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) Annex 6 Part II content, EASA Part NCC Compliance Content, IS-BAO Standards and Protocols, industry Best Practices, Policies and Procedures and input from literally hundreds of operators and auditors.  It is a simple and affordable process for all operators regardless of size and resources.

Learn more about our Part-NCC service.