The Benefits of Mobile Safety Management Systems

Mobile technology has changed how we work and collaborate in nearly every industry. Aviation is no exception. Modern-day pilots are able to complete essential flight tasks, streamline processes, execute tasks more quickly, and mitigate risks… all with a handheld device.

A digital Safety Management System (SMS) program brings a more user-friendly safety experience to flight departments and the pilot population at large (professional or hobby). Expanding SMS from formal, web-based platforms to a mobile interface is a desirable and achievable goal.

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How to Streamline Your Operations While Boosting Safety

A midsized business aviation operator noticed two seemingly unrelated issues that kept occurring. Upon examining the data from their safety management system (SMS), they found that both issues had a similar cause, and were able to accurately implement the right solutions. Find out more about the advantages of SMS software and how SPIs can help create a performance-based safety culture.

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