AviationManuals Unveils EFVS Compliance Package Ensuring Pilots Safer Landings During Challenging Conditions

Bundled service provides pilots and flight departments with a comprehensive manual and a completed LOA application so they are flight-ready and able to use their EFVS instruments

Washington, D.C., April 30, 2019 – AviationManuals, the world’s leading provider of aircraft manual development services and Safety Management System (SMS) software for business aviation, unveiled a new Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) package specifically designed to streamline the materials required by business aviation crews and flight departments for EFVS use.  AviationManuals is providing a comprehensive manual that includes touchdown and rollout procedures, as well as LOA application support services—making the development of the procedures manual and application for low visibility landings approvals much easier.

The EFVS technology installed on most midsize and large business jets, provides a critical second set of eyes onboard allowing pilots to fly and land at airports with extremely poor visibility. EFVS is an added layer of safety that can be used to help mitigate risk during inclement conditions such as haze, smog, smoke and fog.

“For a pilot, this means they can land in a greater variety of weather conditions, minimizing delays or risks of being rerouted. Our EFVS package can be delivered in as little as a week and quickly and efficiently provides pilots the manual and supporting equipment documents needed for approval of their LOA application,” said AviationManuals CEO Mark Baier.

EFVS Operators Will Want This Package
AviationManuals’ EFVS Compliance Package makes operations and approval much easier since it includes:

  • EFVS Operations Manual focused on two parameters: landing to 100 ft above the TDZE (touchdown zone) and touchdown and rollout
  • LOA* application process up to submission
    • Preparation of the associated FAA documentation, including a cover letter and all required supporting documents in accordance with FAA guidance
    • Organization of the documentation into a streamlined package, with each supporting document clearly labeled.

*Though not required for US-domestic travel, an EFVS LOA is often required internationally, especially for flights in the EU.


About AviationManuals
AviationManuals, based in the Washington, D.C. area, provides operations manuals and SMS software to fixed and rotary wing operators, drone operators, technicians, and FBOs worldwide. Founded in 1996, the company has produced thousands of manuals and supports more than half of IS-BAO registered operators. AviationManuals’ current focus is on Mobile Safety Management Systems through easy-to-use modules and apps.

Products and services include its ARC © SMS software and corresponding iPad app for its online subscribers, Flight/Company Operations Manuals, International Operations and Procedures Manuals, Minimum Equipment Lists, Emergency Response Plans, and Internal Audit Programs, as well as Letters of Authorization (LOA) support for RVSM, Data Link (CPDLC / ADS-C), and EFBs. AviationManuals is a member of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and a part of its Leadership Council, International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) and Flight Safety Foundation. For more information go to aviationmanuals.com.