AviationManuals Launches Tailored Solutions for EASA Part-NCC

AviationManuals, a leading provider of operations manuals and safety management system (SMS) software, is launching customized packages for private aircraft operators to comply with new European regulations. The new regulations cover “non-commercial flight operations with complex motor-powered aircraft,” commonly referred to as Part-NCC.

“AviationManuals has supported hundreds of European operators on various registries in the past 15 years with straightforward and convenient solutions,” said company Chief Executive Officer Mark Baier. “In fact we have already provided tailored Part-NCC manuals to a number of operators.”

He added, “These new safety regulations are coming and we are ready with customized solutions for private aircraft operators based in Europe or that regularly fly there. It’s simple, we will provide you with operations manuals you need to comply with the regulations so you can worry about flying your aircraft safely.”

Complying With European Regulators

Ivo Bruni, of VF International, said, “We have used AviationManuals for many years for our European and U.S. operations. When the Swiss FOCA informed us that we would need to comply with Part-NCC for our European based operations, AviationManuals quickly provided us with solutions.” VF International operates a Falcon 50 based at Lugano, Switzerland.

“We were not only able to comply with Part-NCC but they also developed the manuals so that they maintained similarity with our U.S. operations for improved compatibility and safety,” Bruni added. VF International, headquartered in Stabio, Switzerland, operates online clothing stores, which retail men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel.

Creating Customized Packages

AviationManuals creates affordable customized packages for European operations that include a unique International Procedures Manuals update service and General Operations Policies and Procedures. Baier said the company is focusing its Part-NCC marketing efforts on central European countries that have a large base of private turbine powered aircraft. Targeted European areas include Austria, Belgium, Germany, Holland, northern Italy, Scandinavia, and Switzerland.

Beginning with ICAO Annex 6 Part II and then incorporating research and feedback from industry experts and customers, AviationManuals maintains the most up-to-date manuals available on the market at competitive prices. Each manual is compliant with all appropriate regulations and incorporate IS-BAO Standards and Protocols if requested by the operators.

About AviationManuals

AviationManuals, based in the Washington, D.C. area, provides operations manuals and SMS software to business aviation flight departments, aircraft management companies, and independent owner / operators. Formerly known as Assessment Compliance Group, the company, founded in 1996, has produced thousands of manuals and supports over half of IS-BAO registered operators.

AviationManuals also offers affordable Flight/Company Operations Manuals, International Procedures Manuals, Emergency Response Plans, and Internal Audit Programs, as well as Letters of Authorization (LOA) support for RVSM, Data Link (CPDLC / ADS-C), and ADS-B operations. AviationManuals is a member of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), Flight Safety Foundation, and National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA). For more information go to www.aviationmanuals.com.