AviationManuals and ACSF ASAP Program Goes Live

AviationManuals and ACSF ASAP Program Goes Live

Program cuts time and effort for charter and business aviation operators to submit ASAP reports without compromising anonymity

Washington, D.C. [September 25, 2018] – Following an agreement to establish a single reporting channel earlier this year, AviationManuals and the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) announced today that they are going live with their Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) offering for business aviation operators, which combines the FAA/ACSF ASAP with AviationManuals SMS software for “one-stop” reporting.

“This offering seamlessly integrates the ACSF ASAP program and our SMS platform, creating a streamlined reporting channel. Business aviation operators can easily submit ASAP reports conveniently via our cloud-based ARC SMS software and iPad app. This data is then reviewed directly by ACSF’s ASAP team,” said AviationManuals CEO Mark Baier.

The ASAP program allows Part 135 and 91 operators to participate in a voluntary safety reporting agreement with the FAA to help improve safety throughout the industry. ACSF then aggregates the data to track safety trends. Submissions can now be made directly from AviationManuals’ ARC SMS software application, simplifying the process and decreasing the user’s time and effort.

“Our mission is clear: to promote the highest level of aviation safety,” said ACSF President Bryan Burns. “With all the flight reporting required by business and charter operators, streamlining processes where you can is a win-win scenario for the industry. Now ASAP submissions can be made directly through AviationManuals’ SMS software, eliminating the need for double entries.”

About AviationManuals

AviationManuals, based in the Washington, D.C. area, provides operations manuals, SMS software, and apps to business aviation flight departments, aircraft management companies, and independent owner / operators worldwide. Founded in 1996, the company has produced thousands of manuals and supports over half of IS-BAO registered operators.

Products and services include Safety Management System (SMS) software, Flight/Company Operations Manuals, International Procedures Manuals, Minimum Equipment Lists, Emergency Response Plans, and Internal Audit Programs, as well as Letter of Authorization (LOA) support for RVSM, Data Link (CPDLC / ADS-C), EFBs, and ADS-B operations.

AviationManuals is a member of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and Leadership Council, International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), Flight Safety Foundation, and Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF). For more information go to aviationmanuals.com.

About The Air Charter Safety Foundation

The vision of the ACSF is to promote and enable the highest levels of safety in personal, charter and business aviation. This goal will be achieved through:

  1. Promotion and facilitation of risk management programs,
  2. Advocacy for industry adoption of one common audit standard,
  3. Dissemination of safety information, and
  4. Creation of additional programs that advance the goals of the Foundation.

Learn more at www.acsf.aero.