International Operations Proves to be a Key Topic of NBAA Webinar

NBAA Webinar Attended by over 900 Aviation Professionals as AviationManuals assembles robust panel to answer post-covid international operations’ questions.

On June 23rd, AviationManuals, the leading provider of manual development services and Safety Management System (SMS) software, hosted an exceptionally well attended webinar as part of the NBAA News Hour entitled “Flying Internationally in the New Norm Is Anything But Routine – Are you Prepared?

Coinciding with the NBAA’s Safety Month, the webinar featured information on what flight departments and pilots need to know about flying internationally today, as well as upcoming changes. The panel discussion included members of the FAA, Gulfstream, Scott IPC, and AviationManuals, and Q&A continued well beyond the end of the webinar.

“Operators really do need to be proactive in today’s operating environment,” said Kevin Honan, Senior Advisor of Operations Manuals. “As the world continues to reopen, this webinar hopefully addressed some of the lingering unknowns by providing up-to-date information for pilots, flight departments, and individuals responsible for safe operations.”

“The webinar was a great opportunity to get various industry partners together to provide operators with valuable insights on current and upcoming matters and requirements.” added Clément Meersseman, Senior Advisor, International Procedures. “By having different stakeholders together in one forum it provided an opportunity to cover essential topics during one value packed hour.”

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