RNP APCH (Required Navigation Performance –Approach)

This is the umbrella term for a variety of GNSS-based RNP approaches, both with and without vertical guidance, that would meet a minimum accuracy of RNP-0.3 for the final approach phase. It includes LP, LNAV, LPV, and LNAV/VNAV. It does not refer to advanced approaches that specifically require authorization; such approaches are designated by the term “RNP APCH AR” or “RNP AR,” in which “AR” means “Authorization Required”.

The terms “RNP APCH” versus “RNP AR” can be somewhat misleading. Although the FAA does not specifically requirean LOA for RNP APCH for domestic operations, operators should not misinterpret this as saying that only RNP AR requires an LOA –the authorization requirements vary worldwide. Each country’s individual requirements should be reviewed to see not only if RNP APCH is supported, but also if an LOA is required. Some countries, such as Australia and Hong Kong, do require operators to hold LOAs prior to conducting RNP APCH approaches.