Safety is in the small stuff

Avoid Flight Delays
and LOA Issues

In this guide we provide information to help with some of the more frequently misunderstood parts of the flight plan process.

According to the FAA, “Over 80% of A056 Applications fail because the equipment of the aircraft does not match what is being claimed and filed on the flight plan.”

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Avoid clearance changes and delays.

A flight plan is a critical part of a flight and it is essential that it’s properly prepared to ensure ATC receives the correct codes. Unfortunately, mistakes are often made when completing them, due to lack of knowledge or confusion about regulations. Errors on sample flight plans are also a frequent reason why Letters of Authorization are either delayed or not approved.

What’s included?

Your guide will help you:

The guide also includes free checklists you can fill out and send to your flight planning service to update the codes included on your flight plans.

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