We Can Help You… Keep Up to Date on International Operations

The international operating environment is always changing and becoming more complex. Keeping operations manuals up to date is challenging without the right resources.

We offer an IOM Revision Service (eBulletins) that can keep you and your manuals updated on international operations. We have been supporting operators with their international operations since 1996.

IOM Revision Service (eBulletins)

Our eBulletins are prepared as a supplement to our RVSM / International Operations Manual and contain new or revised information on any topic related to international operations. We usually release 2-3 eBulletins each year and you can have as many individuals in your operation subscribed as you would like for the same base price.

Operators who renew their subscription to the Revision Service are also eligible for discounted or complimentary Reissues of their entire IOM.