Simplify Your Safety Management System

Safety Management System Simplification

Whether you developed your Safety Management System (SMS) with us, internally, or with another vendor, our Safety Management System Software will help you simplify your SMS affordably and conveniently.

Safety Management System Software

Our software offers tools to facilitate SMS participation and reduce administrator workload, no matter the size of your operation. Our subscribers include operators with as few as 2 pilots to as many as 200 or more. We have the longest running SMS software available and it is designed to help streamline IS-BAO audit preparation.

Our platform is the only fully customizable SMS software on the market. Its capabilities have grown exponentially since its introduction in 2005 thanks to practical feedback from nearly 1,000 users worldwide. In addition, it is comfortably the most affordable comprehensive SMS Software available today.

The core of our software is a website called the Safety Management Center (SMC). Each individual in your operation receives a unique username and password to log in, and permissions to use certain features can be added or restricted to each user. The SMC can be accessed wherever an Internet connection is available on your desktop computer or mobile device. Notification emails can be sent to key personnel to alert them to form submissions and open tasks.

Core Modules

  • Flight Risk Assessment Tool

    Automatically calculate the total risk value of a flight and get an immediate “Go / No Go” response. Data inputted into this tool is collected and archived for future searches. An email notification can be sent to key personnel if specified limits are exceeded. You are also able to edit the individual risk factors and values so that it further meets your needs and challenges. Completely anonymous data is collected so you can compare your department with other SMC users.

  • SMS Forms

    Any forms you use to collect data for your SMS can be programmed into the SMC as an interactive, online tool. The form process itself can also be customized to match your paper-based process. There’s no more paperwork to keep track of, and no need to manually assign tracking numbers or other document control features – the SMC takes care of all the data for you. You can even search through the forms with specific keywords, date ranges, and more to find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Documentation / File Hosting

    Host all of your files, whether they are manuals, presentations, videos, or any other type of file, in a central location. Assign a Read & Initial requirement, either to all users or to specific groups within your department, to track whether or not they have read and are aware of recent updates or information.

Other Core Modules

  • Manual Builder Application

    Create or edit manuals online with the “Manual Builder” tool, then contact us to reformat the content into an easy-to-read, iPad-compatible PDF manual.

  • Communication Center

    A convenient online forum for topical discussions within your department.

  • Survey Tool

    Track your current SMS philosophy and its impact on your operation over time, or create new surveys to track other important information.

Optional Modules

The SMC can be expanded by purchasing a variety of modules.

  • Internal Audit Program (IAP)

    Simplify the process of ensuring your operations match your documentation with our IAP. We create audit tasks, based on your manuals and procedures, and you assign them to individuals.

  • Quiz Program

    Are you preparing an in-house training program? The Quiz Program is a great way to ensure your personnel are familiar with your manuals. Quizzes can be enhanced by customizing the number of questions per quiz, passing scores, randomized questions and answers, and question hints, indicating where to find the information within your manuals.

  • Event / Training Tracker

    Record your upcoming recurrent training dates and other items that need to be updated / renewed. Reminders may be set and the system will notify individual personnel / administrators about upcoming items.

Our software makes managing your SMS considerably easier, and with data at the core of every effective SMS, we provide you with the tools to fully utilize the data you will be gathering.

Safety Management System Simplification

Our Safety Management System Software will help you simplify your SMS affordably and conveniently. Click here to learn more about our offering.