AviationManuals Receives MEL Preamble Pre-Approval from Isle of Man: What it means for you

You probably think our business is safety.

And it is. But we are also so much more than that.

We spend much of our time working with agencies, partners, and industry leaders to provide the best possible outcomes for operators, particularly when navigating complex compliance and safety landscapes.

We recently announced that the Isle of Man granted “pre-approval of our Minimum Equipment List preamble,” and you can read about it here:

We are proud of the Isle of Man announcement since it reflects the high standards the entire team at AviationManuals always strives for. We want to continue to be the trusted partner that helps make running an operation easier for our clients.

Developing strong relationships and partnerships with regulators worldwide as well as strategic associations in business aviation, has been instrumental in helping to streamline approvals and applications.

So, even if your aircraft is not registered with the Isle of Man, this achievement demonstrates how we continually strive to make all our services more accessible and valuable to our customers.

While we continue to talk to companies across the industry about integrations, you can always stay up to date on our latest partnerships and integrations here. Alternatively, feel free always to reach out and tell us directly what partnerships or integrations you might like to see us pursue.

One partner, association, authority, and application at a time, we’re building the future of safety and compliance support.

Updated EU Ramp Inspection Program (SAFA) Service Offerings

Our popular SAFA Inspection Manual Service has been updated to conform with the latest guidance released by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). As the Ramp Inspection Program expands, more operators are concerned about being prepared for an inspection, leading to an increase in customers getting SAFA Inspection Manuals. In the first half of 2022 we prepared almost the same number of SAFA Inspection Manuals as we did in all of 2021.


The updated Ramp Inspection Manual (RIM) Issue 3.0 from EASA does not require you to make changes to your flight department operations. Rather, it expands the guidance for inspectors performing checks clarifying differences for general aviation operators vs commercial. Additionally, the revisions give more information about items to be reviewed and pre-described findings.

Staying up to date is a vital part of safety. We have incorporated these changes, which in this case, will benefit both operators and inspectors in ensuring ramp checks continue to go smoothly.

EU Ramp Inspection Program

The program is utilized inside and outside of the EU and regulates the SAFA and SACA Inspections performed on aircraft to help facilitate safety and compliance. This includes checks on items such as pilot licenses, procedures, safety equipment, and aircraft condition.

These inspections may be performed in any EU Member State. They may also be initiated in non-EU Member States that are participating in the program, including Canada, Singapore, and most recently Brazil.

Ramp inspectors may check a list of over 50 items. Having an easy-to-navigate digital “binder” that address each item with evidence makes it quick to identify and locate compliance items. Additionally, it can help you to identify any areas of non-compliance prior to traveling to a participating State.

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