Letters of Authorization

Assistance with Letters of Authorization (LOAs)

For most Letters of Authorization (LOAs) / Operation Specifications (OpSpecs), you will generally need to provide at least the following documentation to your Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) or International Field Office (IFO):

  • Documentation that the aircraft is capable of the operation (e.g., Service Bulletin, maintenance records, MMEL, etc.)
  • Documentation that your flightcrew is trained and qualified for the operation
  • Company procedures (an operating manual)

The aircraft manufacturer should be able to assist with documentation related to aircraft capabilities. We can provide assistance with the development of an operations manual as well as preparation of a complete application package with our LOA Support Services.

Consult the table below to see which manual options might be appropriate for you:

Type of Operation(LOA Needed) RVSM Operations Manual (Americas Edition) RVSM / WATRS Plus Operations Manual RVSM / International Operations Manual
RVSM Maintenance Program Add-on Available Add-on Available Add-on Available
RVSM Operations Procedures
Data Link (CPDLC / ADS-C) Add-on Available Add-on and Stand Alone Manual Available
ADS-B Out (International) Add-on Available Add-on Available Add-on Available
ADS-B In Add-on Available Add-on Available Add-on Available

Note: Letters of Authorization are not transferrable. Just because an aircraft was approved once before does not mean such authorizations are still valid once an operator or owner has changed.

Help with Letters of Authorization (LOAs)

Click here to learn more about Letters of Authorization (LOAs) to comply with your (FSDO) or (IFO) standards. Read more here.