IOM Revision Service

Stay Current on International Flight Operations with Our IOM Revision Service

Join over 800 existing subscribers and stay current on International Operations with a subscription to our IOM Revision Service (eBulletins)!

We compile important information affecting international regulations, equipment mandates, and more to produce an eBulletin about once every four months. Each eBulletin contains temporary revisions affecting our International Operations/Procedures Manual (IOM) that you can log in the IOM to keep it current.

Although we offer a subscription to our eBulletins when the IOM is initially prepared, you can become a subscriber at any time and receive the following benefits:

  • Receive eBulletins as they are released. (One subscription can include unlimited recipients at your operation.)
  • When you renew, we will provide you with a complimentary update (Reissue) of your International Operations/Procedures Manual.
  • If there is ever a need to update your manual before your subscription expires, you will be eligible for a discounted rate.

Don’t get stuck with outdated information – subscribe to our eBulletins today and see how easy it is for AviationManuals to maintain your IOM!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our IOM Revision Service

Do you offer eBulletins for any of your other manuals?

Currently, eBulletins are only available for our International Operations Manual. If you are interested in updating a different manual, please contact us.

Do I take out the pages with IOM revisions and insert them into my manual?

No. Each eBulletin should be logged, in its entirety, behind the “Record of eBulletins” at the front of your manual.

Do I need to keep past eBulletins when I receive a Reissue?

There is no requirement to maintain past eBulletins, but many clients find them to be a useful reference. We recommend that you maintain an electronic library just in case you have a need to review a previous eBulletin.

How can I set up a subscription for more people at my operation?

Please call +1.240.546.4030 or email with the name and email address of the individuals who you would like to receive eBulletins.

How do I know if I’ve missed any eBulletins?

You can find a list of eBulletins that have been released on our website here.You can also see which one was most recently incorporated on the “Record of eBulletins” page in your manual.

I think I’m missing an eBulletin. Where do I go to get a copy?

In the future, we will have an online distribution portal that will allow you to download a copy. For the time being, please email us at with your request and we will send a copy via email.

We are a paperless office. How can I log the eBulletin in my manual electronically?

Many versions of Adobe Acrobat or other PDF software will allow you to insert pages into your manual. However, if you are unable to do so, please contact us for other solutions.

Stay up to Date on International Flight Operations with Our IOM Revision Service

Stay Current on International Flight Operations with Our IOM Revision Service