Flight Risk Assessment Tool

Our Flight Risk Assessment Tool

The Flight Risk Assessment Tool module allows you to perform a preflight risk assessment and save the results. Risk factors and values can be modified as necessary. Email notification can be sent to key personnel whenever specific total scores are reached. Using de-identified data, you are also able to compare your results with everyone else using the software.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Flight Risk Assessment Tool

Do you provide support?

We will take any necessary steps to setup the software initially, train personnel in its use, and provide continuing support as needed to ensure the software runs smoothly. While the software is intuitive and you will be able to perform many functions on your own, we would be happy to help via phone at +1.240.546.4030 or email at support@aviationmanuals.com.

How is the software upgraded?

We are regularly updating our software, whether it is through behind-the-scenes coding, updating the user interface, or developing brand new features. Any feature upgrades for modules that you have already purchased are provided to you at no additional cost.

I want to see a specific feature integrated into the software. How can I request it?

We value feedback from our customers and we take their input into account when creating new features. Depending upon the complexity of the requested feature, we may be able to develop it for you free of charge. If it is a more complex development, you may choose to sponsor or co-sponsor the feature. Feel free to contact us with your ideas.

Our Flight Risk Assessment Tool for Flight Operations Teams

The Flight Risk Assessment Tool allows you to perform a preflight risk assessment, save the results, and modify risk factors/values. Schedule a demo!