Flight Operator Customized SMS Development

Customized SMS Development for Flight Operators

A Safety Management System (SMS) is highly valuable to all operators, so it should be easy to understand, straightforward to implement, and affordable. An effective SMS is much more than a standard off-the-shelf product, and certainly MUCH more than just a Flight Risk Assessment Tool. It needs to reflect the specific operation it was designed for and consider available resources and personnel. We customize our products and services to meet the unique needs of every operator.

Process Overview for Our Customized SMS Development

A typical SMS will include components that you may already be familiar with, such as training and safety meetings. What sets an SMS apart from a traditional safety program is data.

An SMS includes processes to collect data within your operation when a potential or actual risk or hazard has been introduced. This data collection facilitates identification of possible risk trends within an operation, allowing the operator to move beyond simply responding to such events. Through the use of an SMS, an operator can begin to predict and prevent safety issues well before they develop into a real problem.

An SMS can also help newer or less experienced personnel come up to speed quickly, so they can perform to the same level as more experienced and seasoned employees.

Building an Effective Customized SMS

A strong and well-developed SMS includes a way to collect data, distribute it to all relevant personnel, and analyze it when making decisions about each flight or aspect of the operation. An effective SMS involves ALL individuals in your operation, whether they are a pilot, a mechanic, a scheduler, or a receptionist.

An effective SMS is also easy to use. Simple forms and processes should be created to ensure that everyone is encouraged to and can easily contribute to the System. Forms do not need to be constantly completed and submitted; rather their use should be consistent across all areas of the operation.

Our Manuals

We offer two manuals that can serve as a basis to help you establish your SMS:

  • Flight Operations Manual (FOM)

    Our FOM was developed with input from industry professionals and is based on the most current version of the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO). It is an easy-to-follow guide that is customized to match and describe your operations and elevate awareness of safety. The SMS procedures are clearly outlined in Section 2 and SMS considerations are integrated throughout all other procedures in the manual. The FOM is a great choice for setting up an SMS and standardizing your procedures and if you intend to pursue IS-BAO certification.

  • Safety Management System Manual (SMSM)

    If you already have an FOM, or if you do not plan to pursue IS-BAO certification, our SMSM is a great solution. The SMSM includes the same tried-and-true SMS methods as the FOM, but only includes the Safety Management System procedures to help you establish your SMS quickly and correctly.

Both manuals come with our initial SMS training – an online session that covers the evolution of SMS, as well as the practical aspects of applying your SMS within your operation through real world examples of when each form might be used. At least one representative from each area of the operation should attend, however, we strongly encourage all employees to participate.

Our Software

Whether you develop your SMS with us, internally, or with another vendor, our Safety Management System Software is a valuable suite of online tools that will help you to easily manage your data.

The core of our software is a website called the Safety Management Center (SMC). Each individual in your operation will receive their own unique username and password to log in, and permissions to use certain features can be added or restricted for each user as you see fit. The SMC can be accessed wherever an Internet connection is available on your desktop computer or mobile device.

Core Modules

  • Flight Risk Assessment Tool

    Automatically calculates the total risk value of a flight and provides an immediate “Go / No Go” response. Data inputted into this tool is collected and archived for future searches. An email notification may be sent to key personnel if specified limits are exceeded. You are also able to edit the individual risk factors and values so that it further meets your needs and challenges. Completely anonymous data is also collected so you can compare your department with other SMC users.

  • SMS Forms

    Any forms that you use to collect data for your SMS can be programmed into the SMC as an interactive, online tool. The form process itself can also be customized to match the paper-based process. There’s no more paperwork to keep track of and no need to manually assign tracking numbers or other document control features – the SMC takes care of all the data for you. You can even search through the forms with specific keywords, date ranges, and more to find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Documentation / File Hosting

    Host all of your files, whether they are manuals, presentations, videos, or any other type of file, in a central location. Assign a Read & Initial requirement, to all users or groups within your department, to track whether or not they have read and are aware of recent updates or information.

Other Core Modules

  • Manual Builder Application

    Create or edit manuals online with the “Manual Builder” tool, and then contact us to reformat the content into an easy-to-read, iPad-compatible PDF manual.

  • Communication Center

    A convenient online forum for topical discussions within your department.

  • Survey Tool

    Track your current SMS philosophy and its impact on your operation over time, or create new surveys to track other important information.

The SMC is a customizable platform that can be expanded by purchasing additional modules. Below is a brief overview of the available optional modules. You pay only for those that you’ll need, and not for those you don’t:

  • Internal Audit Program (IAP)

    Simplify the process of ensuring your operations match your documentation with our IAP. We create audit tasks, based on your manuals and procedures, and you assign them to individuals.

  • Quiz Program

    Are you preparing an in-house training program? The Quiz Program is a great way to ensure your personnel are familiar with your manuals. We work with you to develop a set of custom questions on any topic area based on your manuals. Number of questions per quiz, passing scores, randomized questions / answers, and question hints, so that personnel know where to find the information within your manuals, increase the usability and functionality of the program.

Safety Management Systems are the next phase of safety in aviation. We can provide you with the tools you need to successfully develop and manage your SMS, at an affordable price.

Customized SMS Development for Flight Operators

We can help you develop a customized SMS - easy to understand, straightforward to implement, and affordable. Get started today.