Compliance with ICAO Annex 6

The ICAO Annex 6 Requirements At A Glance

Let us help you navigate the mandatory requirements and recommended practices set forth by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for international airspace.

With our suite of services, we’ll ensure that you are fully compliant with all the provisions of ICAO, Annex 6.

At a minimum, you will need documentation of the following items.

ICAO Annex 6 Reference Services to meet this Requirement Operations Manual Flight Operations Manual (FOM), RVSM / International Operations Manual (IOM) Safety Management System Flight Operations Manual, Safety Management System (SMS) Manual Fatigue Management Program Section 3 and 6 of the FOM
3.8.3 Maintenance Program Section 6 of the FOM
3.9.3 Flight Crewmember Training Program
3.12.4 Cabin Crew Training
3.12.4 Maintenance Training (Annex 1)
Section 5 of the FOM
3.13.1 Security Program (recommended) Section 7 of the FOM
Attachment 3.A to ICAO Annex 6, Part 3 Flight Operations Manual, RVSM / International Operations Manual
Standalone Emergency Response Plan (ERP) (optional)
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) developed by the operator (may be included in a manual or as a separate document)

You may have met some of these already through your existing company manuals or documentation. If not, read on to see how we can support you with each one.

Operations Manual

For most operators, we recommend developing a Flight Operations Manual and an RVSM / International Operations Manual. These manuals, when paired together, meet the minimum requirements. All the operator has to do then is ensure personnel follow the guidance contained within the manuals.

Safety Management System

The core of our FOM is the Safety Management System, which is integrated throughout all sections of the manual. If you already have an FOM, but do not have an SMS, you can purchase our Safety Management System Manual – it provides the same easy-to-use forms and guidance, but only includes SMS related procedures.

Fatigue Management Program

Duty and flight times are described in Section 3 (for aircrew) and Section 6 (for maintenance personnel) of our FOM. While there are no specific limits for most corporate operations, an operator is asked to set a standard that would apply to most operations. However, extensions to duty / flight time are acceptable, so long as they are documented and any risk is assessed and mitigated.

Maintenance Program

General procedures and requirements are contained in Section 6 of our FOM, covering maintenance control, documenting and correcting defects, aircraft records, and any safety programs in place.


Section 5 of our FOM incorporates procedures and standards for your training program, including the basic requirements of ICAO and IS-BAO, as well as any company-specific training procedures you wish to include. In addition, we can offer initial and recurrent Safety Management System training. All courses are instructor-led and conducted online, combining the convenience of training from anywhere in the world with the quality of live-learning. We have been training pilots for over 10 years.

Security Program

Section 7 of our FOM includes security procedures that are customized to the area of operations and potential security risks your department may face.

Standard Operating Procedures

Section 3 of our FOM includes a basic set of Standard Operating Procedures, and the IOM provides international SOPs that meet the ICAO requirement. Some operators choose to include aircraft specific SOPs and checklists as an appendix to the FOM.

Emergency Response Plan

Depending on the level of coverage you need, our FOM may be enough to satisfy this requirement. Section 4 of the FOM covers Emergency Procedures and includes the basics of an Emergency Response Plan, so you can appropriately respond to emergencies in the air or on the ground. Alternately, if you are looking for a more robust plan, we offer a formal, standalone ERP that complements the FOM perfectly.

International Operations

We offer a thorough and comprehensive RVSM / International Operations Manual that meets and exceeds ICAO standards and requirements. The IOM can also be used to meet FAA, Bermuda, Cayman, and many other State regulatory requirements for Special Areas of Operation approval, including RVSM airspace.

The ICAO Annex 6 Requirements At A Glance

Let us help you navigate the mandatory requirements & recommended practices set forth by the ICAO. Learn more ICAO Annex 6 compliance.