We Can Help You… Become IS-BAO Registered without the Hassle

Obtain IS-BAO Certification in 6 Steps

An IS-BAO audit may seem overwhelming and challenging, but the process is actually not as complex as it seems at first glance. Below is a basic summary of the typical process:

  1. Purchase a copy of the current IS-BAO from IBAC, which contains the standards to be met
  2. Establish a Safety Management System that is compliant with IS-BAO
  3. Meet the documentation and procedural requirements of IS-BAO
  4. Interview IS-BAO auditors and select one based on experience, cost, value, and other key factors
  5. Review your documentation carefully and ensure your personnel are aware of what is expected from them
  6. Schedule and conduct an audit

We can help you through every step of the process:

Flight Operations Manual (FOM) / Safety Management System (SMS)

The core of our FOM is the SMS, which is integrated throughout all sections of the manual. If you already have an FOM, but do not have an SMS, you can also purchase our Safety Management System Manual – it provides the same easy-to-use forms and guidance, but only includes SMS related procedures and documents.

International Operations Manual

We offer a thorough and comprehensive RVSM / International Operations Manual that exceeds all IS-BAO standards and requirements. The IOM can also be used to meet FAA requirements for Special Areas of Operation.

SMS Software

To simplify your SMS, partner our FOM with our Safety Management Center software, which provides interactive online versions of your SMS forms and reporting processes. Software modules include:

Other features include:

  • Read & Initial Tracking
  • News with Custom Categories
  • Safety Culture Survey
  • Safety Performance Goal and Tracking
  • Communication Center

Emergency Response Plan

Depending on the level of coverage you need, our FOM may be enough to satisfy this requirement. Section 4 of the FOM delves into Emergency Procedures and includes the basics of an Emergency Response Plan. Alternately, if you are looking for a more robust plan, we offer a formal, standalone ERP that complements the FOM perfectly.

SMS Training

Whether or not you have purchased our FOM or SMS Manual, we can schedule initial or recurrent online SMS training for your operation.