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The United States plans to mandate ADS-B equipage in 2020, but many countries and airspaces around the world already require it. Obtaining the FAA’s ADS-B Out Letter of Authorization (LOA) does not need to be a difficult process.

We can develop ADS-B procedures as a supplement to your RVSM / International Operations Manual or as a standalone ADS-B document. Additionally, we can provide you with supporting documentation to help you assemble an appropriate and thorough application to submit to your FSDO or IFO.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ADS-B required?

ADS-B is required in several regions and more mandates are forthcoming. Below is a brief timetable of worldwide ADS-B mandates:

Region When Required What Airspace
China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Singapore Now At FL290 and above
Europe (New Installation) 2015 – January All (For aircraft >12,500 lbs)
Australia 2015 – December At FL290 and above
Europe (Retrofit) 2017 – December All (For aircraft >12,500 lbs)
United States 2020 – January Above 10,000 feet
Be sure to check applicable State Aeronautical Information Pages (AIPs) for the most current information.

Is ADS-B included as part of the FANS / CPDLC / Data Link Communications / ADS-C approval process?

No. Although the terminology is similar (e.g., ADS-B vs ADS-C), ADS-B is a separate technology from Data Link Communications and requires its own LOA. If your aircraft has recently become fitted for CPDLC and ADS-B, then you will need to seek authorization for each one separately.

Am I required to have the ADS-B Out LOA (A153/A353)? I thought it was only needed for certain countries.

The requirements vary, but overall, the answer is Yes. The FAA’s application materials state that the LOA is required for a few countries and is not required for a few others, but makes no mention of the rest of the world. However, Advisory Circular #90-114 states that all US operators must receive FAA authorization to conduct international ADS-B Out operations. This authorization generally takes the form of the LOA (A153 or A353) and regional authorizations, as applicable.

If you plan to conduct ADS-B operations internationally, we recommend that you apply for the LOA to ensure compliance with future mandates.

How do I know when an ADS-B LOA is not required?

Currently, the LOA is not required for ADS-B Out operations in: the United States, Australia, and Fiji. As more countries implement ADS-B systems, this list may grow. For a quick reference, we recommend that you download the FAA’s InFO Letter #13009, which has a brief summary of worldwide ADS-B implementation at the moment:

What’s the difference between the A153 and A353 LOAs?

Functionally, there is no difference. A353 was the FAA’s original designation for the ADS-B LOA and required thorough documentation for approval, including crew training records and MEL pages. However, in August 2014, the FAA introduced A153 to streamline the approval process. The A153 designation reduces the overall requirements. In addition, A153 allows Inspectors at the FSDO level to issue approval, whereas A353 required approval from a regional office. Either LOA (A153 or A353) will provide an operator with the necessary authorization to conduct ADS-B Out operations.

I previously applied for the A353 LOA. Do I need to resubmit an application for A153?

In most cases, no. If you have either already been approved for A353 or if your Inspector has already forwarded your application to a regional FAA office, then there will probably not be any advantage for you to resubmit for A153. However, if you have recently (within the last 1-2 weeks) submitted for A353, we recommend re-submitting for A153.

Note: Remember, the FAA handles each LOA request individually. Even though you may have already sent in your documents for A353, a request for A153 will be treated as if you are starting over.

Will you help me with the LOA application process?

Absolutely! We will provide you with complete guidance on the materials that need to be submitted and we will assemble all documentation into an easy-to-use Application that can be sent to your FSDO, either in hard copy or electronically.

Let us help you secure your LOA for Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B).

Secure your LOA for Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) with our procedures supplement. Read more about ADS-B LOA support.